A Peek at the Sports Betting Industry in Oregon

A Peek at the Sports Betting Industry in Oregon


September heralds the coming of football season. To many bookie pay per head veterans, this means a good month of potential high income. Both professional and collegiate football begin during September. And since these two leagues are the top most popular leagues for sports bettors, the potential for earning from sports betting usually climbs higher during this month. This is true across betting markets in the US, even with states that have restrictive betting markets. In the latest in gambling news, let’s take a look at the sports betting industry in Oregon, for instance.

Sports Betting Industry in Oregon

A Peek at the Sports Betting Industry in OregonOregon only has one platform for people to bet on sports with. They have a lottery-run Scoreboard app. For September, they register a betting handle of $26,174,303 million. The numbers are quite low, especially if we compare them to other states. Their handle is also only a small increase than August, with a 1.3% increase from August’s $25,845,403 million.

But the revenue from sports betting is not good in Iowa this month. Revenue is down from August’s 41,662,406 by 8.1% to a paltry $1,527,243 million in September. Residents have 21 sports that they can bet on. This is a bit limiting, especially when there are a lot of online bookie software providers that can give far more competitive lines. With just one betting source, many bettors are limited to the odds offered in the app.

Top Sports To Bet On

Basketball was the top sport the state’s bettors wagered on. Even if the Trail Blazers bowed out early in the first round of the Western Conference. $8,015,883 was wagered in basketball. Football actually takes the top post in number of wagers made, but the handle is worth $7,156,970, second to basketball. Revenue is actually in the red when it comes to football in the state, with a $147,948 revenue loss for the month.


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