An Expert Bookie Shares Some Fun Facts about Lines and Odds

An Expert Bookie Shares Some Fun Facts about Lines and Odds

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Sports betting can be intimidating at first. That’s why we worked with a bookie to create a guide to help you better understand lines and odds. An expert bookie shares some fun facts about the topic in this tutorial.

Although sportsbook rules vary from one bookie to another, they have common ones related to lines and odds. Thus, our bookie pay per head solution consultant came up with a list of fun facts you should know.

Expert Bookie Shares Some Fun Facts

An Expert Bookie Shares Some Fun Facts about Lines and OddsOne of the things you need to know about the odds is that the prices attached to them can change over time. Bookie software seldom makes mistakes. However, they do happen. For example, the sportsbook can deem a no-action bet if it was a clear error on the max wager, scheduled time, or posted line. As a result, the bookie will void all bets and return the money to the players.

It would be best if you placed wagers before the start of the game. However, the exception is live sports betting, which allows you to bet while the game is ongoing. Sportsbooks set the rule to ensure a fair playing field.

You need to know a rule when betting on Major League Baseball games. If a match is suspended or called off before the ninth inning, the sportsbook will determine the winner through the score after the last full inning. That is unique to baseball because NHL, NBA, and NFL games are rarely called off early.

If the odds of a wager changed significantly between the time you submitted the bet and when the bookie confirmed it, the bookie has the right to reject the wager. If that happens, the bookie will contact you to reconfirm the wager against the new odds. Also, it is one way sportsbooks use to prevent sharps from exploiting sports betting loopholes. Also, the rule only pertains to live wagering, where odds can fluctuate depending on what’s happening during the game.

These are some facts you need to know about lines and odds. Then, follow our guide to understand the rules better and make better sports betting decisions.

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