Lakers Alex Caruso Wants More Playing Time in WCF

Lakers Alex Caruso Wants More Playing Time in WCF

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The Los Angeles Lakers are celebrating its return to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2010. Although the spotlight was on LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso showed his awesome two-way game. According to sources, Caruso wants more playing time in the WCF.

Laker fans love Caruso because of the things he does on the court. He can dunk on opponents to the delight of fans. Thus, he has been popular among Lakers followers since joining the team. In this year’s playoffs, he gave fans more reasons to love him.

In the series against Houston, Caruso had several chase-down blocks that showed the type of intensity that he can provide delivery in the next round. Also, Caruso reflected on the increased responsibility given to him by the coaching staff.

Caruso Wants More Playing Time

Lakers Alex Caruso Wants More Playing Time in WCFBased on basketball betting Korea sources, Caruso’s playing time increased over the last couple of games. His MPG increased by six minutes during the playoffs. He described the experience as fun and loving every minute of guarding great players.

According to sports news reports, Caruso is a vital piece of the Lakers’ success against Houston. Coach Frank Vogel saw what he could bring to the team. Thus, he added Caruso’s playing time, which boosted the player’s confidence.

Sports betting experts saw Caruso’s performance improved as his playing time increased. The team hopes that it will continue during the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets.

Los Angeles Lakers had five days of free time after defeating Houston Rockets in five games. They will have two full practice days to prepare for Game 1 against Denver. Also, the team watched all the games of the Nuggets-Clippers series. The coaching staff prepped for the WCF last Monday and would have film sessions until Thursday. They want to be prepared and be back in the NBA Finals this year.

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