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Betting on the US Elections

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In the world of gambling, people can bet on virtually anything. And since your sportsbook software is very flexible, bookies are now able to come up with their own wagers. And one of the most popular topics that people are betting on, is the result of the US Elections. This November, Americans will be voting for their new President and Vice President respectively. Bookies all over have lines on this for months. But even more than that, punters are already betting on the results of the elections for 2024. The question begs: Will Trump win in 2024?

Betting on the US Elections

US election bettingAt this point, the best sports betting software has a lot of options for the betting public. For instance, most of the public think that Donald Trump is the Republican party’s sole Presidential candidate for 2024. If we are basing it on the recent RNC events, Donald Jr. is emerging as a possible candidate. So is Nikki Haley, who promises to “make America even freer, fairer, and better for everyone”.

Many believe that Trump may lose votes due to the mishandling of the pandemic. If you look at sports news, even sports leagues have better testing systems than other areas in the country. Many who favor Trump may defer to Donald Jr., but for a more progressive stance, bettors are going for Haley. In fact, her odds to win in 2024 is 25/1. As for the odds on a Trump (whichever Donald it is) representing the Republicans, the odds are 10/1.

2024 Election

Currently, Joe Biden of the Democrats is the favorite to win the presidency, with odds of 6/1. His Vice Presidential running mate Kamala Harris also has the same chances at 6/1. Trump’s odds, however, are down to 16/1. Another Trump member, Ivanka, has 33/1 odds, and Mike Pence has 6/1 chances.


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