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What is Point Spread Betting

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As you learn how to be a bookie, you will get used to the different wagers that are being made by your players. Of course, what we call point spread betting is one of the most popular betting options. A lot of major sports leagues do have point spreads, which is why its such a crowd favorite. But what is point spread betting?

In sports, not all teams are created equally. So when we are betting against these teams, we want to have an equalizer that will make both teams have an equal chance to win. When you check your sports betting software, you will see that point spreads are almost always available.

Point Spread

spread betsThe point spread will make it attractive for bettors to pick any of the two teams competing. Normally, you have a better team between the two. They are called the Favorite. You’ll know the team is the favorite when you have a minus sign in front of the odds: -110

The other team is called the underdog. If a bettor picks an underdog wager and the team either wins outright, or loses by an amount smaller than the point spread.  You can tell that the team is an underdog by the sign before the odds: +110. Point spreads are usually set with -110 odds, but it changes too. So, if the team’s odds are -110, then it simply means you need $110 to win $100

Line Movement

Now, there will be times that one side will get way more wagers than the other side. This becomes risky for you, especially if more people are winning than losing. When this happens, bookies can move the point spread to make it more attractive for people to bet on the other side. Once its more balanced, you can move the spread back to where it was.

There are many other types of wagers, which we will go over in our tutorials. If you want to know more about spread betting, or gambling online in general, you can check out some sportsbook reviews so you can find the best online casino for you.