The Brooklyn Nets and Their Options with Kevin Durant Out on Injury

The Brooklyn Nets and Their Options with Kevin Durant Out on Injury

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In the latest basketball news, the spotlight is shining on the Brooklyn Nets, who, once again, will be playing without Kevin Durant. Durant is out on a sprained MCL, an injury similar to his last one last January. This time, the Brooklyn Nets have nothing to worry about, since Durant is the sole injury. This is totally different from last time, when they had a handful of players on the injury list. During that time Kyrie Irving was also not playing because he was not vaccinated against COVID-19.

That was a rough time for the Nets. Pay per head sportsbooks were seeing the Nets as underdogs as they lost 16 out of 21 games after Durant got injured. But now, Nets fans and bettors will be relieved to know that the roster will not have to change every game as it has back then. But will the strategy stay the same?


The Brooklyn Nets without Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets and Their Options with Kevin Durant Out on InjuryThe Nets will just have to be better at what they do, and improve on weaknesses like fouls and turnovers. Of course, Durant averages 29.7 points per game, so the improvements on the offense will have to be better. Kyrie Irving will have big shoes to fill scoring-wise, and Simmons will have to step up as well. So far, we do not know who will be replacing Durant in the lineup. T.J. Warren is a good option, but he will likely be playing at his average of 19.9 minutes over 16 games.

And the Nets will not want to risk Warren to be injured as well, so overexertion should be avoided. If you use a sportsbook software, then you know that when a high-profile player like Durant is out, the lines will move. While he is quite irreplaceable, the team can actually collectively perform better to plug the hole until Durant returns to the court. We’ll get an idea in their next game as they host the Boston Celtics in their next game tonight.


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