How the NFL is Profiting from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

How the NFL is Profiting from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

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Super Bowl LVIII is just less than 2 weeks away and people are going crazy about the NFL. However, it may not be exactly about what you think. Instead of talking about who will win between the Chiefs and the 49ers, they are talking about Taylo Swift and Travis Kelce. Thus, we will follow the trend and talk about How the NFL is Profiting from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

For those expecting a Taylor Swift and Kelce bashing article, we are sorry to disappoint you. Thus, we won’t be talking about how much air time Swift takes up during an NFL game or anything like that. Instead, we will be talking about hos the NFL is making bank from their romance.

How the NFL is Profiting from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce – Big Exposure

How the NFL is Profiting from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce – Big ExposureSwift and Kelce dating is a good thing for them and a very good thing for the NFL. This is because every chance they get, they are cashing in on her popularity by showing her on the screen. Ni addition, every chance they get the NFL is adding her name to their content.

Since the 2 began dating, TV viewing of the NFL is much higher than before. According to Nielsen, the NFL got a 75 increase in viewership over the previous season. Is it coincidence that it is the season when they began dating? Maybe not since the NFL has seen a 37% increase in female viewership since they began to date.

According to Bookie Pay Per head sites, another way that the NFL is profiting from their relationship is from ticket sales. Whenever, goes to a game, tickets sales go thru the roof with Swift fans hoping to see her. The Chiefs certainly saw a rise in ticket sales as Chiefs home games saw a 235% increase in daily ticket sales.

Overall, their relationship has increased the number of NFL fans as thousands of Swifters have begun to watch the Game. However, will the remain fan if the 2 ever break up? Only time will tell.

Travis Kelce is Now More Popular than Ever

We all know who Taylor Swift is whether we want to or not but not everyone knew who Travis Kelce is. Despite not being as famous as Swift, he is a known amongst NFL and Chiefs fans and those who bet on football. However, he was never a household name, at least not until now.

Travis Kelce is actually a pretty good tight end for the Kansas City.  Furthermore, he is currently in the process of breaking Jerry Rice’s NFL career record for the most catches in the postseason. However, before he began dating Swift, only die-hard NFL and Kansas City Chief fans knew who he was.

After dating Swift, his monetary value is much higher and he can definitively cash-in in the increase coverage. As an example, sales of his jersey, No 87 has become one of the top 5 selling jersey in he NFL.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Super Bowl Prop Bets

Yes, even sportsbooks are making money from the Swift-Kelce couple! According to Super Bowl LVIII previews from sportsbooks and news sites sportbooks have put out several prop bets on the duo.

Here are some examples of what we are talking about from

Will Travis Kelce Propose to Taylor Swift after the Super Bowl?

  • Yes +1060
  • No -3000

Will Taylor Swift Be Shown on Camera During the Halftime Show?

  • Yes +110
  • No -150

Will They Appear Together in a TV Commercial During The Super Bowl?

  • Yes +160
  • No -235

Will They Be Shown Kissing After Game is Final?

  • Yes +160
  • No -235


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