Nuggets Defeat Warriors with Wild Buzzer Beater from Jokic

Nuggets Defeat Warriors with Wild Buzzer Beater from Jokic

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The Denver Nuggets’s game against the Golden State Warriors is one for the books- and certainly kept both fans and bettors in the edge of their seats up to the very last second. The Nuggets defeat Warriors in an amazing buzzer beater from Nikola Jokic, giving us a 130-127 score to end Thursday night NBA.

If you are learning how to be a bookie with a pay per head, then you know that games with margins this close are nerve-wracking, especially when the odds have a small margin as well. And the NBA delivers in terms of excitement, with a game between two powerful teams giving us such a nice end to the game. For Warriors fans, though, it was not a good night.

It did not start out that way though. The Warriors had an 18-point lead, and they should have had it in the bag. They recorded a new season-best third quarter with 44 points. But when the fourth quarter hit, scoring became hard to come by, while the Nuggets seemed to just score at every possession they had. As a bookie using a pay per head bookie software, in play betting for this game would have been very lucrative.


Nuggets Defeat Warriors in Nail-Biting End to Game

Nuggets Defeat Warriors with Wild Buzzer Beater from JokicIn the last six minutes or so of the game, the Nuggets were able to win back the lead with a 25-4 run. The final score is thanks to Jokic’s last basket from way beyond the three-point line, giving the Nuggets a win. The crowd erupted in screams as the Warriors could only look on in surprise and defeat.

And having Jokic hold the ball is a huge risk for any team the Nuggets are against. In his last four games, he only missed five shots. The reigning champions are having a good run to the postseason, and bookie pay per head providers have the lines on futures bets ready for this. If you look at futures wagers for the NBA Championship, the Nuggets are one of the teams in the top spot as favorites to win this season.

Which is, of course, unfortunate for the Warriors, who have been struggling to score enough wins. They are now, so far, out of the running of a Play-In Tournament spot. They are 16-18 for now, and almost in the same spot as the Lakers, another powerhouse team struggling to dominate this season.


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