Charlie Sheen will Return for Season 2 of Bookies

Charlie Sheen will Return for Season 2 of Bookies

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It’s official, Charlie Sheen will Return for Season 2 of Bookies and like in season 1, will be playing himself. According to a recent interview during the Sunday episode of Deadline’s Contenders TV, Chuck Lorree had a lot to say about the next season of Bookies. Thus, we can expect Charlie Sheen to have a cameo role or 2 in the season of Bookies.

Ever since it came out, Bookies has been receiving positive reviews for its story about a bookie trying to earn a living. With its humorous content, the show by Chuck Lorre got a green light for a second season. One of the aspects that made the show interesting in the first season was a couple of appearances by Charlie Sheen as himself. Therefore, many fans were wondering if he would be present in the second season. Now that their wish has come true, what can we expect from the season 2?

What to Expect Bookie Season 2

Charlie Sheen will Return for Season 2 of BookiesDuring the show, Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay, the creators of Bookies were both in attendance. In a fun and rambunctious interview, they were both wondering how their art is currently imitating real-life gambling.

Thy were of course talking about the current gambling controversy with Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani and his interpreter. Saying that they could not believe anyone is stupid enough to wire millions of dollars for a betting debt. At least, that is the information they were getting from their bookie consultants.

We expect all of the main actors from the first season to remain the same as Sebastian Maniscalco and Omar J. Dorsey reprise their role once more.

For the second season of Bookies, one of the romantic aspects of the show (or maybe not) will be Danny trying to win back his wife. Then, Ray will be dealing with how his mother’s groom dies at the altar during the wedding. Of course, these are the questions viewers were left with at the end of season 1.

However, Bakay said that we can expect a lot of adventure for the second season. Especially since being a bookie is a business “where they have a large windfall or they are vulnerable to predators.

On an interesting note, they said that a trip to Costa Rica may take place during the show. For those who do not know, Costa Rica is a haven to many online sportsbooks and is the home of many popular sportsbooks. This is because it is easy to open a sportsbook in Costa Rica and the laws are less demanding for a gambling license.

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