How to Make Baseball Totals Bets

How to Make Baseball Totals Bets

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Betting the Totals or Over/Under in baseball is wagering on the combined score of both clubs. Baseball totals bets are one of the most popular wager types. Also, it provides an alternative when you are unsure which team to wager on.

A sportsbook for baseball betting sets a combined number of runs for a game. Then, you can wager whether the final combined score will go Under or Over the estimated total. Here is a guide on how baseball totals bets work.

Baseball Totals Bets Guide

Over/Unders also have a cost associated with the wager, often known as juice or vig. Most totals will have a fixed -110 rate associated with them, which means for every $1.10 you risk, you may win $1.00 or $110 to win $100.

The table below shows the Over/Under total set at 8.5 runs with both sides valued at -110 juice. If the final score is 6-3 (a total of nine runs), those who wagered the Over 8.5 runs would win their bets, and the Under 8.5 would lose.

Baseball Totals Betting Strategy

How to Make Baseball Totals BetsThere are several factors to consider when betting on baseball. First, see whether your starting players are out due to injuries. When a star hitter goes down, it may cause havoc in the batting order and weaken the defense surrounding the rest of the batters.

Since leadoff batters often have the most at-bats and influence the team’s scoring output, they should be among the best hitters in the lineup.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast before betting on baseball totals played on the field. Daily in-depth weather data are available for every baseball stadium, and wind speed and direction are two of the most important aspects to consider when betting on Over/Unders.

That is the end of the baseball tutorial. Next, make sure you know where to gamble online. That way, you can get the best betting experience.

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