NFL Week 2 Roster Updates

NFL Week 2 Roster Updates

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Those who are into football betting know how important it is to keep track of roster changes in sports, especially in the NFL. Any switches, especially in crucial positions like the quarterback, can change the outcome of a game. When this happens, you have to be adept in adjusting the lines on your sportsbook. Let’s take a look at the NFL Week 2 roster updates, as well as developments in the injured list.

For instance, The Buffalo Bills’ linebackers Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds will be out for the week. With Milano having 4 tackles and an INT, and with Edmunds having 3 tackles in their opening game, the Bills will have to find a way to cover the hole the two are leaving. You can check your bookie pay per head sportsbook’s line movement to see how the NFL lines are changing as we get more updates.

NFL Week 2 Injuries and Roster Changes

NFL Week 2 Roster UpdatesThe Philadelphia Eagles may have running back Miles Sanders and defensive end Derek Barnett back in Sunday against the Rams, which is good for the Eagles. As for the Tennessee Titans, wide receiver AJ Brown will be out on their game against the Jaguars. Chris Godwin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is still listed as doubtful for the game on Sunday, but Mike Evans seems to make a quick recovery and may return to the roster.

Meantime, things are not looking good for Detroit Lions’ Kenny Golladay, who will again be out due to a hamstring injury. Stefan Wisniewski is the second Steelers player to be put on the injured reserve list. Similarly, the Colts’ tight end Jack Doyle will be sitting out on the game against the Vikings.

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