UK Gambling Companies to Slow Down Online Slot Machines

UK Gambling Companies to Slow Down Online Slot Machines


UK gambling companies need to overhaul their slot machine games to remove some features and make them slower. The UK Gambling Commission wants to slow down online slot machines and prevent players from losing track of how much they spent on the games.

The new set of rules would likely reduce the gambling industry’s revenue from online slot machines. The UKGC told gambling firms to dilute their intensity and get rid of misleading features.

According to the sports betting and gambling news reports, there will be a gap of at least two and a half seconds between spins. Also, gambling firms need to eliminate the auto-play option that makes players not pay attention to how much they are losing.

Slow Down Online Slot Machines

UK Gambling Companies to Slow Down Online Slot MachinesAccording to baseball betting and casino gambling sources, slot machines in the UK can’t have music or noises when the bettor lost money. The positive noises disguise losses as wins and tricks players’ brain into enjoying the result. Thus, they would bet more money.

As per gambling and sports news reports, companies need to remove features that give players the illusion of control. A random outcome generator determines the spins’ results. Also, companies can’t offer reverse withdrawals. The feature allows players to collect their winnings but can change their mind and put the money back into their account.

The UKGC implemented the measure to apply to all online gambling, instead of just slot machines. Also, operators need to display the players’ total wins or losses during their online sessions.

The measures will take effect on October 31. The UKGC said the features increased the risk of harm to players. The regulator’s steps would protect consumers as they review gambling laws to ensure they are suitable for the digital age. Based on the UKGC’s study, each slot bettor’s average spend is £67 each month.

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