Wager6.ag Sportsbook Review

Wager6.ag Sportsbook Review

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When talking about online sportsbooks, Wager6.ag gets talked a lot about, especially in the recent months. Their popularity grows steadily, and we at 1MediaNow.com want to take a closer look as to why. According to our research, the Wager6.ag sportsbook has only been in business for around 5 years. But given how their customer base is increasing over the years, there must be something that gets players to stay with them. Our Wager6.ag sportsbook review will hopefully explain why.

Wager6.ag’s site makes a good first impression. The site looks very modern, and their services are clearly advertised. You can immediately see what you get when you join, as well as the various bonuses they offer. The care they give in their site will most likely also reflect in their actual sportsbook software, so we will compare them later on. 

As in all of our sportsbook reviews, we will take a look at how the sportsbook looks like, how it works, and more. We’ll look at the diversity of betting products, the quality of lines, among others. We will also be taking a look at their payment channels and schedule to see how they are with payouts. 

Wager6.ag Info

  • Inception: 2015
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Country Restriction: none
  • Telephone:1-888-680-6461
  • Live Chat: yes
  • email: cs@wager6.ag
  • Website: www.wager6.ag

Wager6.ag Features

  • Welcome Bonus: 100%
  • Other Bonuses: 200% bonus in casino
  • Horse Racing Bonus: 8% rebate
  • Sports Betting and Live Betting
  • Casino and Live Dealer Casino
  • Web and mobile sites
  • Racebook

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Wager6.ag Banking Options and Promotions

Wager6.ag has very exciting payment channels for those who want to join. Like the best pay per head sportsbook, Wager6 offers a wide selection of payment channels. From the more traditional like credit card, money orders, transfers, to more modern currencies like cryptocurrency.

They offer quite a few cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Etherium, among others. But one surprising new payment option they have, is to accept gift cards as a deposit. So, if you have any unused gift cards from previous holidays that you don’t want to use, you can go to Wager6 and use is as a deposit so you can bet on whatever you want to.

Their promos are also very enticing. They have a 100% welcome bonus, plus other bonuses depending on where you are betting. Their sportsbook also regularly have promos such as free bets, which you can use for around 60 days after receiving the credit. 

The Wager6.ag Sportsbook Review

Wager6.ag Sportsbook Review

You can sign up with Wager6.ag through the phone, or online. We coursed ours through their website and we were able to get our access quickly. Deposits reflect fast, too. Once we were in, we took stock of the betting events available, and we were not disappointed. The betting events and options are what you would find in any bookie pay per head. Of course, the difference will be in the value of the lines available.

Their site is very easy to navigate, as well. The layout is clean cut, modern, and there was no lag in loading pages. You can tell that the quality of the work of their staff is good, and that their security is good as well. Overall, they are one of the better sportsbooks compared to their contemporaries.

Another good thing about Wager6.ag, is that they also have options for horse betting, as well as an online casino. So, instead of switching to another site to play blackjack, you can just stick to Wager6 and find their online casino easily enough. As for their horse betting options, they offer a lot of wagers from different race tracks, and wagers also get an 8% rebate. 

Should You Bet with Wager6.ag?

Yes, you should. Wager6.ag is not just a site that has generic software that is hardly updated. You actually get to see a sportsbook that works well, looks good, and is secure. Their bonuses makes it enticing for new players, but even their current players get offered promos and rebates. Even if they have only been around for 5 years, you can see the quality of their services, and can trust them with your money.


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