BGC Wants to Reopen Scottish Casinos Along with Other Hospitality Venues

BGC Wants to Reopen Scottish Casinos Along with Other Hospitality Venues

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The Betting and Gaming Council wants to reopen Scottish casinos along with other hospitality venues. It came after a report from a hygiene expert saying that there was no scientific or logical reason for excluding casinos from other pubs and restaurants.

Dr. Lisa Ackerley based her report on examined venues, including two Grosvenor Casinos. Casinos can reopen when restaurants and pubs do in England. The earliest would be on May 17. However, that’s not the case in Scotland.

Scottish casinos had to wait until the region is at level two. On the other hand, restaurants and pubs can reopen under level three. According to Ackerley, casinos are safer than other hospitality venues.

BGC Wants to Reopen Scottish Casinos Soon

BGC Wants to Reopen Scottish Casinos Along with Other Hospitality VenuesThe casino industry responded to the coronavirus right away. Casinos implemented strict measures to keep customers and staff safe. Thus, casinos are safer during the pandemic than other venues belonging to the hospitality sector.

According to sources of the best online casino in Korea, there’s no reason to keep casinos closed when restaurants and pubs are open in Scotland. Grosvenor Casinos managing director Jonathan Swaine said that the Scottish Government should change its policies on treating the casino industry.

Swaine said that Dr. Ackerley’s report showed scientific and logical proof that casinos have been mistreated during the pandemic. Instead of playing in brick-and-mortar casinos, people resort to online slot machines and digital casino tables.

According to online casino reviews, it is unfair to reopen other hospitality businesses during level 2 while casinos remained closed. Thus, the industry appeals to the Scottish government and the First Minister to look at the evidence.

They want casinos to reopen when other parts of the country return to normal during level 2. Also, they want fair treatment from the government. Restricting the reopening of casinos causes unnecessary harm to people belonging to the industry.

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