Tokyo Olympics to Add New Sports Events

Tokyo Olympics to Add New Sports Events

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The much-awaited Tokyo Olympics will finally happen, and it will be more exciting as we will be seeing more and new sports events. In this round of the Olympics, you will notice that your pay per head bookie service will be offering more odds on Olympics betting events. We will now be seeing competitions between the world’s best in surfing, climbing, karate, and skateboarding. If you are unfamiliar with pay per head services, you can look at these sportsbook pay per head reviews.

There are also some events that were removed in previous rounds of the Olympics, that we will be seeing again. First, we will be seeing 3×3 basketball, which is played on a half-court, with just 3 players. The winner will be the highest scorer after 10 minutes, or the first team to score 21 points. Skateboarding is a new sport that aims to attract younger audiences to be more interested in the Olympics. There will be two formats for this sport: street, and park.

Tokyo Olympics New Events

Tokyo Olympics to Add New Sports EventsSurfing will also be the latest sport to debut in the Olympics. For those who are into Olympics betting, keep in mind that for the past years, most world championships have been won by Australians. Then, we will also have the BMX Freestyle event, where riders will have one minute to do as many tricks to impress the judges in the selected course. Likewise, sports climbing will be a welcome addition to the Tokyo Olympics schedule.

Karate is also new, and will be made up of two competitions, kumite (combat) and kata (demonstration).  A couple of returning sports are baseball and softball, which were both not included back in London 2012 and Rio 2016. These events are all in addition to the existing sports events, which are more than 300, in the next week or so. Again, if you still do not have your online sportsbook software picked out for your bookie operation, then check out these bookie pay per head reviews and find the best one for your needs.

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