NFL to Allow Limited Sportsbook Ads During Game Broadcasts

NFL to Allow Limited Sportsbook Ads During Game Broadcasts

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TV broadcasts of NFL games will have limited sportsbook ads. The move came four years after the league opposed the legalization of sports betting. However, they have a different stance on sports wagering today. As a result, the NFL now allows TV networks to take ad money from sportsbooks during football games.

The NFL’s official sports betting partners, namely DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Sportsbook, can place ads during televised football games. In addition, four other sports betting companies received authorized status from the league to place ads during games. According to affiliate news, they are BetMGM, Fox Bet, WynnBet, and PointsBet.

According to the NFL, more than half of the US population now have access to sports gambling. Thus, the league is looking for ways to include sportsbook ads in nationally televised games. The NFL believes it found a way to serve its sports betting partners and fans.

Limited Sportsbook Ads in NFL Games

NFL to Allow Limited Sportsbook Ads During Game BroadcastsAccording to pay per head industry reports, the NFL will provide up to six TV commercial sports for sportsbooks during games. In addition, the league’s four broadcast partners can accept offers for the ad slots.

At present, alcohol ads dominate NFL commercial breaks. As a result, some people are questioning why the professional football league is limiting sports betting ads. They don’t know why there’s a need to restrict the ads when the league has several partnership deals with sportsbooks.

The NFL drove the lawful resistance to New Jersey’s endeavors to upset PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act that kept states from sanctioning full-scale sports wagering. The Supreme Court in May of 2018 said the government law was in direct infringement of the US Constitution and, along these lines, revoked the rule.

No game draws in more wagering interest in the US than the NFL. A significant part of the activity happened through unregulated channels before the SCOTUS May 2018 choice. Presently, sports bettors can put legal bets in more than 20 states.

The NFL, perceiving that lawful sports wagering can become intrigued and hence increment fan participation and TV appraisals, has done a 180 on its games wagering position. Alongside the association’s three authority sports wagering accomplices, the NFL has permitted groups and arenas to arrive at promoting agreements with such wagering firms and venture to such an extreme as to allow in-arena sports wagering.

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